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Foot Love

Get swept off your feet and sink into a world of calm and peace, from the refreshing feeling of KBO's "Muddy Feet" manipulation service.  

"MUDDY FEET" is a Therapeutic foot manipulation, in which the feet and toes are manipulated, exfoliated and rotated using KBO's "Muddy Feet" foot mud and "Moon Walk" foot cream, which assists in promoting healthy circulation as well as, decreases moisture and or imparts fragrance. 

Liquid Head

Indulge your senses with KBO's Liquid Head Therapeutic Scalp manipulation created with Kissed By Oshun's Yam Oil and signature "by any beans necessary" Coffee Bean Serum and others.

Testimonials & Review

Aimee Heydt@November 29

"This Kissed By Oshun is some straight MAGIC POTION....Ede!!! (lots of love)

DeVesey Gabriel

"Yup I got some KISSED BY OSHUN in my hair and on my body!"

Hand Job

As we age, nature begins to set in and obvious signs allow us to know that we are ageing and our 'HANDS' are one of the most obvious places to experience this phase of Life. However, with proper care of ourselves, we are able to not only look but feel better and healthier and, KBO "HAND JOB", a Therapeutic hand manipulation ready to hug and caress your hands does just that!, even in the grave.

The Wet Set

The "Wet Set", is an erotic radio talk show, hosted by Founder & Owner of Kissed By Oshun Beauty, Oshun Ede Crawford, and it is aired weekly on Blogtalkradio.  

Turn Down Service

Stay Tuned to find out what we have in store for you and your special One! The right time, the right place, the right moment.

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The New & Improved

Lunar Games

Special Games for that Special One and You!!!