My Inspiration

Meet Oshun Ede

Oshun Ede was born and raised in San Francisco. Oshun Ede, the artist, formerly known as Ms. Mo Betta, is a singer, poet and author of “Ruby Redd The Diary” and “Late night Whispers,” both available in manuscript form. 

Oshun has sang with a number of local Reggae, Jazz, Blues and R&B bands as well as, Gospel Choirs.

She is highly versatile vocally, covering well known artists such as Erykah Badu, Adele, Jill Scott, India Irie, Randy Travis, Amy Winehouse, Floetry, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and various Pop artists.   Oshun Ede studies Korean and she enjoys playing Tennis as well as perfecting her marksmanship and boxing. 

Oshun Ede is involved in the local Karaoke scene and is even featured in the karaoke reality show, “Karaoke Rhapsody” directed by Dominic Mah.


She currently manages her very own massage bar line called, KissedByOshun Coffee Bean massage bars as well as Erotic Poetry sessions on her BlogTalkRadio  show - "The Wetset "

My Why

I grew tired of purchasing over the counter products that were not fit for my skin or hair type  and at at the time as well, my hair was dry brittle and falling out from the roots; I had to somehow find a resolution to my ongoing disappointment, so I challenged myself in creating all natural products infused with Coffee bean and special herbal teas, which can and/or may assist with healing and relaxation. 

Dry skin and hair are two of my biggest pet peeves, and this was and is one of the best decisions I could have made, not only benefiting myself and my Family, but Humanity itself.

My Mission

Oshun's mission is to Master her Craft in making Natural and Organic Health and Beauty products and consistently be active in the promotion and Empowerment of Women across the Globe, whom are ready to commit to a more healthier and better lifestyle.

Oshun also desires to travel the World educating under-nourished families and Individuals, whom are currently not in positions to acquire these products otherwise.